home equity after bankruptcy

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Learn what could happen to your investment properties after bankruptcy.. If you have a large amount of equity in your investment property, this will result in an.

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Filed under: Filing bankruptcy. Many times people that are forced into seeking bankruptcy protection due to an overload of personal or business debt have at least some equity in the family home. Home Equity refers to the difference in what you owe on a loan for your home and what the value of the home is.

 · Looking to get a home equity loan but have a bankruptcy on your credit history? It may not be as bad as you think! Actually, it may be just the thing to help your credit recover. find out the basics of a home equity loan and see how some of our clients are using it to help them bounce back after filing bankruptcy.

 · Options for: home purchase, refinance, home equity, and reverse mortgage; lenders compete for your business;. As with other types of mortgages, the specific amount of time you’ll need to wait after a bankruptcy will depend on the type of bankruptcy you filed. The one-year wait applies to those who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, while.

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8. If your home has significant value which it probably does, the loan modifications are an option to protect your home, and if necessary, selling your home as a method of preserving the home equity is also a great option. Not that those are the best options, but they are options. Additionally, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be a viable option as well.

In a chapter 7, the bankruptcy trustee (i.e., the person who manages the case on behalf of the government and creditors) is authorized to sell your home if there is non-exempt equity (i.e., a positive net after fair market value minus the secured debts against the property minus your exemption amount minus closing costs minus the trustee’s fees).

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